A Message from Durr Consulting, LLC

These past few days have been a lot to digest; however, The mission, values and beliefs of Durr Consulting, LLC still stands.

Ossie Davis once said “I find, in being Black, a thing of beauty, a joy of strength, and a secret cup of gladness”. While my heart is heavy for my brothers and sisters, I still remain grounded in my faith and belief that Black Americans will receive the justice that has should have been given long time ago. As a small, black owned business, it is imperative that I keep myself and state of mind at the forefront because this is a fight that, I too, am fighting.

To current and future clients, please understand that discrimination is not tolerated within our business. We will always work to support and educate those who interact with us.

America has work to do and there is no sidelines in this fight for justice. The self wok is hard work. It was never meant to be easy. Work to be anti-racist. Support the Black community, but do not make it their responsibility to educate you. Black people, I love you. You are so necessary. You will always have support form Durr Consulting, LLC.

We stand and work for the lives lost. We stand and work for the future of Black girls and boys. We stand and work for #AhmaudArberry #BreonnaTaylor #GeorgeFlyod and so many others.

Standing in Power,

Alexas Durr

Founder + CEO, Durr Consulting, LLC