Public Relations

We help you push you or your company forward. Let us help you in the services listed. Don’t see something you’re looking for? Send us an email at

Areas of service

Writing Services

You want your core values to shine through the page and we help you achieve that. Durr Consulting LLC will help you express your uniqueness so that whoever reads about who you understands you holistically.

Media Training

Interviews, appearances, luncheons and so many other events require some version of your story. We will equip you with best practices and strong preparation. We support you in any stage of your endeavors.

Community Relations

The community you support, build or pour into will continue to the people who understand who you are at the core. People, experiences and communities are a tangible reality. We help you find out not only what is important to you, but also find ways to amplify the voices of the areas and causes you are supporting.

Crisis Management

Things happen. We help you make the best decisions in the moment, while also helping you navigate the next steps. Issues are handled as a team. Let us be apart of your support system through this time.

Media Relations

The best relationships are about trust and respect. Media relations is your avenue to achieving that with outlets and individuals who want to know what you have to say. We help you build relationships in the best ways for your organization.

Customized Events

First impressions only come one time around. Let us help you create the event that gives the best experience the first time. We help you do it right without compromising who you are.

Press Materials

Some extra help goes a long way. We specialize in creating packages that contain important information before you ever meet with any editor or reporter.

Let’s build something great together.